• Google Hangouts / Video Conferencing

    Below you will find instructions for setting up a Google Hangout for your meeting and inviting your team members. Please don't be intimidated by the length of the instructions - the process is actually very quick. If you are already familiar with using Google calendar, only a few extra steps are needed.

    Setting Up the Meeting in Calendar:

    The easiest way to setup a Google Hangout and invite multiple people is to create a calendar event in Google Calendar and add a video chat to the event.
    1) Open Google Calendar and click on the day you would like to create the meeting event. In the small window that appears, click "Edit event >>".
    2) Give the Calendar event a name (ex. "Technology Department Meeting") and set the date and time of the meeting.
    3) Click the link to "Add video call".
    4) The video call may default to your username, click "Change name" to rename it (ex. "tech-dept-meeting")
    5) On the right side of the window, you will see the "Add: Guests..." area. Enter the names or email addresses of people you would like to invite to the meeting and click "Add" after each one.
    6) Click the "Save" button. You will be asked if you want to send invitations to guests. Click "Send".

    All of your invited guests will receive an invitation to the meeting in their email. From the invitation they can add the event to their Google calendar, or click the link to the Video Call right in the email.

    Joining the Google Hangout:

    Please note: It is recommended that you use a headset, ideally with a microphone, to participate in a Google Hangout to ensure the best audio quality and avoid feedback issues. Most headphones that come with iPhones or Android phones can be used for this purpose. We also have USB headsets in each building that your Instructional Technology Specialist can loan you.

    It is also recommended that you have only one connected laptop per room. You may experience audio feedback loops and "echoes" if you have multiple laptops connecting within earshot of each other.
    Option 1: Open the email invitation to the meeting and click the link labeled "Video call". If you are asked to Trust the Google Talk plugin, click "Trust" and/or "Allow".
    Option 2: Click on the event in your calendar and click the link labeled "Video call". If you are asked to Trust the Google Talk plugin, click "Trust" and/or "Allow".

    Leaving a Google Hangout:

    1) To leave a Google Hangout, press the red hangup button .

    Adding People to a Google Hangout:

    While sending invites to people ahead of time ensures a smooth process for setting up your Google Hangout, it is not required. You can add people to a Google Hangout at any time.
    1) In the Google Hangout, click on the "Invite People" icon.
    2) Enter the names of the people you would like to invite, then click "Invite".

    You can also create a Google Hangout at any time without a calendar event, by visiting https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/lincnet.org/.

    Tips for Using Google Hangouts:

    1) In Google Hangout, click the screenshare button to share your entire screen, or specific content from your computer. This is useful for sharing documents, etc. with the group.
    2) To test your Google Hangout settings, visit https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/lincnet.org and click the gear icon at the bottom right of the page. On the settings page, you can select your audio and video sources, see a video preview, and play a test sound.
    3) If you are on a call and are hearing audio feedback, click the Mute button to temporarily stop the feedback. Then click the Gear icon to confirm that the correct audio devices are selected.

    Connecting to a Google Hangout with a Video Conferencing System

    Google Hangouts work well from individual laptops. It's completely feasible to have 2-3 people connecting to a Hangout from the same laptop, and a Google Hangout can support meetings of up to 10-15 laptops.

    If you want to connect larger groups of people from the same physical location, the district does have two conference rooms equipped with small group video conferencing systems that can be used to connect to a Google Hangout. On of these systems is installed in the HMS Conference Room and the second will be installed this weekend in the Smith Office Conference Room.

    Important note: If you are interested in using one of these systems, you must book the physical room through the appropriate main office. Following the steps below does not ensure that the room is reserved for your use.

    To add one of the video conferencing systems to a Google Hangout, follow these steps:
    1) Open the event in Google Calendar, and click "Edit event".
    2) In the "Add:" section on the right, click "Rooms, etc."
    3) Locate the Video Conference system you would like to use (ex. "Hanscom Video Conference" or "Lincoln Video Conference") and click the corresponding "Add" link.

    The event will automatically be added to the video conferencing system. To join the Hangout from the video conference system:
    1) First, make sure the microphone has been placed on the table in the center of the group. The microphone is the black disc attached to the video conferencing system by a USB cable. There is extra cable wound around the microphone that allows you to extend the microphone to any location on the table.
    2) Press any key on the remote to wake the system if the screen is black. If the screen does not wake, verify that the television is turned on.
    3) Locate the name of the Google Hangout (ex. technology-dept-meeting) on the right side of the screen and click on it to join it.

    If you would like any assistance with using Google Hangouts, please see Suttie, Dane, or your building Instructional Technology Specialist and they would be happy to help.
Last Modified on November 1, 2015