• Visiting & Volunteering

    Visiting Lincoln School #


    Visitors are welcomed as long as arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher. It is important to remember that in order to maintain a focused learning process there may be times when visiting is not appropriate.

    CORI Check

    In order to ensure that any persons providing volunteer services in the school with the potential for unsupervised contact with students are appropriate for serving in this role, a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check shall be performed. All adults who will volunteer in the classroom, school, or on field trips must fill out a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information). Please come to the school office with proper identification (Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport) and ask the secretary for the form.

    Safety Sign-In Procedures

    Visitors and volunteers should register in the Brooks or Smith office before entering the school and receive a visitor badge. All business for grades K –4 should report to the Smith Office and for grades 5-8 should report to the Brooks Office. We request that you wear this badge as a way of ensuring school staff that you are authorized to be in the building.

    Scheduling a visit

    If your child will be new to the school, please contact the Principal to arrange a visit.


    Volunteering at Lincoln School

    Lincoln Parent Teacher Organization

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO): The PTO is an organization of volunteers who work to support the school in a variety of ways. It publishes the weekly Mini-Link, the main vehicle of communication in the school community and organizes various school activities, including assemblies and enrichment. It raises funds by events like the Ski and Skate sale and Gift Wrap sale and pulls the community together with events like the Sock Hop and school picnics. The PTO Board is elected annually. Meetings are held monthly at which both on-going business and topics of interest about school issues are discussed. Everyone is urged to become a member and attend meetings as a way of informing and being informed. Meetings are held once a month and are open to all parents and teachers.

    METCO Coordinating Committee (MCC)


    The MCC is a group of Lincoln and Boston parents who advocate support for the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity. METCO is funded under the Racial Imbalance Act and makes it possible for urban students of color to attend suburban schools. The MCC promotes extra-curricular interaction and friendship between Boston and Lincoln children and their parents, and supports multicultural education. For more information contact Lateefah Franck, METCO Director at 781-259-9635 or at 781-698-6373.

    Boston Parents Group

    Parents of students enrolled through the METCO Program meet monthly in Boston with the METCO Director and staff to share information and discuss concerns. A Boston parent serves as a non-voting member of the Lincoln School Committee.

    Room Parents

    In Grades K-5, each classroom has a designated Room Parent, who has volunteered through the PTA and whose duties vary according to the class and teacher, but essentially involve acting as liaison between the teacher and the parents of children in the class. The range of what this can mean is wide – organizing class activities, helping with computer work, recruiting parents to help with field trips and more. In Grades 6-8 there are Grade Parents who volunteer to help with projects involving the entire grade, for example, providing volunteers for various events such as the world language evening, school productions or assisting during graduation events.

    Parent Classroom and Production Volunteers

    Parent volunteers are important to the Lincoln School community. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved: volunteer to be a reading partner, teach an elective, lead a workshop, chaperone a field trip, publish the Parent Handbook or help with activities in the classroom. The PTA distributes a Volunteer Form at the beginning of the year, which lists some of the many activities which parents support. Please sign up. We need and appreciate your support.



Last Modified on November 17, 2016