• Learning Expectations:

    This year in 6th Grade Science we will cover 4 main topics, The Scientific Method, Motion, Forces and Energy, Cell Structures, and Astronomy.  Below are our learning targets for each unit as well as the learning targets for 6th - 8th Applied Technology.


    By the end of The Scientific Method Unit. . .

    I CAN record data using charts, labeled diagrams and graphs, and make inferences based on the data.

    I CAN draw conclusions from scientific evidence and judge whether more information is needed to support a specific hypothesis.

    I CAN use and read a triple beam balance, graduated cylinders and other pieces of science equipment safely and correctly.


    By the end of The Motion, Forces & Energy Unit...

    I CAN explain the difference between potential and kinetic energy and describe & diagram how they can be transferred from one object or place to another object or place.

    I CAN describe & predict an object’s motion using its position,direction and speed.

    I CAN make and interpret a graph that shows how far an object has moved, how fast it was going, and how long it took it to get there.


    By the end of The Cell Structures Unit...

    I CAN compare and contrast the differences between plant and animal cells.

    I CAN examine an organisms cells and decide which kingdom it belongs to.

    I CAN locate and identify the different parts inside cells and explain what they do.


    By the end of The Astronomy Unit...

    I CAN explain and use models to show what causes the seasons, tides, day and night and the phases of the moon.

    I CAN describe things that make up the universe like stars, solar systems and galaxies, and tell in my own words how they were formed.

    I CAN explain & demonstrate how gravity controls the motion and paths of objects around a sun.


    By the end of The Applied Tech/ Engineering Unit...

    I CAN apply the Engineering Design process to imagine, plan and build models of transportation devices, buildings and/or structures.

    I CAN select which tools to use for a variety of tasks and use them safely.

    I CAN design and build a prototype that works.