• S120 Update

  • S120 Update

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 5/5/2014
                  Last week, our first week back after the Spring Break, included practicing a Safety Drill with our classmates, teachers and the Lincoln police and fire departments. All went smoothly as we followed our teacher to the designated waiting spot. Officers were on hand to let us know what a great job we had done. Then we returned to class. We had some questions and will ask you, parents, if we have more about safety drills.
    Literacy - We are working on reading biographies and researching information on a website called www.pebblego.com about famous people who have made or are making a difference in the world. We  will soon choose one of the people we have learned about to feature in a project. It's tough having to choose just one person!  We love the website www.pebblego.com that includes original photos and a video of each famous person.
    It was "Poem in My Pocket" Day on Thursday, May 1. We each chose a favorite poem (again! difficult to choose just one!). Mrs. Ponn ran off a copy for us to carry in our pockets all day. We read them to one another. Poets in our pockets included Shel Silverstein, e.e. cummings, Jack Prelutsky, Ted Scheu (Poetry Guy!), Judith Viorst, David McCord and others.
    We are finishing up Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume, our Read-Aloud Literature. It does make us laugh and was recommended by Sam, who loves these characters!
    We are working on Organizational goals in writing: beginning, middle and endings; bold beginnings; using details in order to help the reader picture my story and using a "satisfying" ending that "wraps up the story". We get better the more we practice!
    Math -   We are finishing up work on fractions this week.
    Science and Social Studies  To learn more about Inclined Planes, we took turns sitting in or pushing a wheelchair on the gradual part of the berm and the steep side of the berm (inclined planes) near the baseball field on our playground. Ask me about this!
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  • S120 Update

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 4/16/2014
    Puppet Shows:
    Thank you to all who were able to attend our puppet show performances in the "Castle Story Room" today. We enjoyed performing Lon Po Po, Rumpelstiltskin and Big Al for you. Thanks to the parents who helped us create the puppets in art class (or at home).  If you were unable to attend today, we hope you can stop by our second grade puppet display in the school library.....coming soon!
    Our Very Own Puppet Shows Review:
     Here is our first "review", from Mrs. Dwyer's fourth grade class, who attended our Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday:
        Dear Ms. Wing-Jones' Class,
                         Thank you for inviting us to your puppet shows! We couldn't wait to see them because we had so much fun doing them
          ourselves! We think you did an outstanding job making the stories come alive. You each enunciated your words so we could understand and
          follow the stories.  You all got into your characters by changing your voices, using accents, and giving them personalities. The
          puppets looked like they went with the stories and their settings. The details you put onto your puppets made them eye-catching
          and unique. The props were really cool! 
                         We loved seeing how your puppets and shows were different than ours! BRAVO! 
          Mrs. Dwyer's Class
    Ask Us About:
    We also attended the Grade 5 through 8 Science Fair in Brooks Gym today. We enjoyed the exhibits; seeing the demonstrations and asking questions of the scientists. Ask us about our favorite exhibits and what we learned that was new or interesting. Ms. Wing-Jones enjoyed seeing former students as scientists and really liked the exhibit that investigated the "Five Second Rule"! (Hint: Ask us about bacteria and petri dishes.)
     It has been a busy week! We are looking forward to Spring Break!
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  • S120 Update 4-11

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 4/11/2014
    Hi Parents,
    I thought  for sure that I had posted the blog I wrote last week, but due to technical difficulties, it is looking as though it did not get posted. Sorry for any confusion. Hopefully, this week it will work!
    Reading - We are practicing our puppet plays and even worked on them in the Story Room. We are following the antics of Fudge, Peter and Sheila Tubman in Fudge-a-Mania for our read-aloud for literature. 
    Math - We are working on fractions.
    Writing - We edited and revised our Persuasive Letters. 
    Science and Social Studies - Ask us about our snail-bots that we raced in science class. Many of us attended The Science Night Share and Richard, Hannah and Erin talked to us today about 3-D Printing. 
    Reminder: - Puppet Show on Wednesday, April 16 at 8:30! Meet us in the Story Room!!!
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  • S120 Update

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 4/4/2014
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  • Parents, This is the inaugural post of Ms. Wing-Jones' new S120 Update blog.

    Posted by Cheri Wing-Jones on 3/26/2014
    Hello Everyone,
    This is the start of the S120 Update. Check in for postings regarding curriculum and activities in Ms. Wing-Jones' second grade classroom. To be alerted to new postings on our blog, you need to subscribe. Click below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to subscribe.
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