• Visiting and Volunteering

    Visiting  Hanscom Primary School

    Our goal is to develop a strong home school partnership and we welcome parents to our school and in our classrooms. Parents are welcome in classrooms during the school year, provided that the visit does not interfere with the instruction of children. Parents are requested to contact teachers in advance for extended visits or special projects.
    For safety reasons, all parents, visitors and volunteers are required to enter through the front doors and sign in at the front desk before going to classrooms. After you sign in via our front desk computer, a Visitor's Badge will print out for you to wear while in school.  Please remember to sign out as you leave.Thank you, in advance, for working with us to keep our students safe.
    Students and families that are new to Hanscom are welcome to visit the school prior to your arrival. Parents should contact the school office in advance to arrange for an appointment with the principal and a tour of the school.
    Visitors coming from off base should contact the school for procedures needed to get clearance through the Hanscom Visitor’s Center.
    We look forward to your visits to our school.

    Volunteering at Hanscom Primary School

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
    The PTO is an organization of volunteers who work to support the schools in a variety of ways. The PTO board is elected annually and seeks new volunteers as families arrive. Fundraising by the PTO supports creative arts events, special programs, family nights, teacher appreciation, Community Meetings, school themes and more. All Hanscom families are urged to join this important organization that supports our schools. Watch the newsletter for meeting times and contact information.

    Classroom Volunteers

    Volunteers play an important role as partners in the classroom, allowing the teachers to do what they do best - TEACH! Volunteers participate in such activities as:
    • Reading and language skill development

    • Writing, including assistance with book publishing

    • Math skill development

    • Technology integration

    • Classroom clerical projects

    • Enrichment projects

    • Making classroom materials at home

    • Sharing their areas of expertise such as speaking about their profession or hobby

    • Planning seasonal celebrations

    • Reading aloud to the class

    • Going on field trips as chaperones

    • School Library-shelving, book checkout


    Project Self Esteem

    Project Self Esteem is a 6-week program in Kindergarten, which teaches the children how to feel good about themselves while respectfully treating others. Parent groups go to the classrooms to perform skits using Harmony Bear as a mascot. The skits reinforce such lessons and values as: being your own best friend, being kind to others, and staying safe. Details will be sent home to parents or contact School Social Worker Mara Salis at moorem@lincnet.org.

    Art Room Volunteers

    Parents help support the Art Program in many ways. They work in art classes providing group assistance and clean up, assisting with putting artwork up on the Artsonia website and at home by preparing materials. Many parents donate recyclables such as egg cartons, milk cartons, and styrofoam trays. For more information, contact your classroom teacher or Art Teacher Donna Lubin lubind@lincnet.org .

    Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)
    Massachusetts state law requires CORI checks for all volunteers and chaperones.
    All adults who volunteer in the classroom, school or on field trip must fill out a CORI. Please come to the school office with proper identification (Driver’s license, Military ID, Passport) and ask the secretary for the form.
Last Modified on November 9, 2016