• Important Information

    (a cheat sheet to our routines, practices, expectations, etc)
    Snack: Please send a snack each day. It should be healthy, peanut-free, relatively easy to open and eat, and clearly labeled and packaged apart from lunch.
    Lunch: Please be sure that your child knows his/her plan for lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I encourage you to use the online payment account if your child plans on buying lunch at school.  The link is below.   We have lunch cards which have the numbers on them and we give these cards to the children each day before lunch to help them with their ordering, but any practice at home is really helpful.
    Folders:  Home/School and Song/Poetry folders go home with kindergarteners every Friday and should be returned every Monday.  Please take time over the weekends to go through the folders with your child and talk about what he/she is learning and working on.  
    Birthdays:  In K-107 we celebrate birthdays in a special way.  The birthday child is invited to bring a special book from home and his/her family is invited to read the book to the class.  Then we take a picture of the child and family member and tape it inside the book, which remains in our classroom "Birthday Bin" for the remainder of the year (or beyond if you choose to donate it).  The children love going through the birthday bin and remembering each others' birthday celebrations.  If providing a book is a challenge for a family I have the child choose from my personal library, and likewise if scheduling a family reader is difficult I read the book to the class.  As your child's birthday approaches we can work on scheduling the special reading.  Of course any birthday celebration is a family choice and we will only celebrate with family permission.
    Germs and Health 
    In Kindergarten we learn to share


    From the books on our shelves…
    To the lice in our hair
    Toys and stories, bugs and germs
    Strep,bronchitis, wiggly worms!
    Please remember that in the early grades, we share everything…including germs and bugs. We teach children to wash their hands often and thoroughly and appreciate that being encouraged at home.  Also, if your child or household is dealing with a contagious illness or infestation, please notify our health office.  Know that your family’s information will be kept confidential, while the health office will be able to take actions to prevent the spread of illness or infestation and keep our class healthy.  Thank you.
    Please visit the health office websites to learn more about our school's health policies:
    Preparedness for Specials: Please be sure your child has sneakers for gym days and library books for library days.  See our special schedule to check the days.
Last Modified on August 30, 2018