• What Makes A Family? ~ First Grade Photo Exhibit

     what makes a family?
    In the spirit of being a Welcoming School, the first grade decided to showcase and celebrate their wonderfully diverse families! With generous funding from the Lincoln School Foundation in school year 2012-2013, the first graders took the following steps to create their "What Makes A Family? Photo Exhibit".
    • Each student brought in a photo of their family.
    • Each student wrote a short description about what their family likes to do together.
    • Teachers put the exhibit together.
    • K-4 classes visited the exhibit and had some very interesting discussions about "What Makes a Family?"
    • The exhibit was later moved to the Brooks/5-8 end of the school to help start middle school-level conversations about respecting all families.
    Questions to think about while viewing the exhibit
    • Do all families live in one house?
    • Do all families speak English?
    • Do all family members have to have the same last name?
    • How big can a family be?
    • How small can a family be?
    • Can an animal be part of a family?
    • Do all families have two parents?
    • Do all family members have to be of the same race?
    • Do all families have a Mom and a Dad?
    • Can families have two Moms or two Dads?
    • Are grandparents part of a family? 
Last Modified on May 31, 2016