• Fun Facts About Ms. D.

    - Coffee. That is all. 
    I grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts.
    - Before moving to Amherst, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 7 years.
    - Spiders. Nope.
    - I'm obsessed with the Hamilton cast album. 
    - I'm kind of obsessed with music in general, especially from the 80s and 90s. 
    - I'm VERY left-handed.
    - Some might say I have a flair for the dramatic...
    I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 9.
    I find accents fascinating.
    - This will be my 6th year as Dance Director for our middle school musical.
    - I struggled with math a lot growing up, but interestingly, it's now one of my favorite subjects to teach.
    - I don't eat pie or yogurt because soft fruit freaks me out! 
    I absolutely love meaningful and encouraging quotes. Like, a lot.
    - If I could do anything other than teaching, I'd probably try acting.
    I watch a lot of documentaries.
    I'm a crier.
    - Fifth grade was my FAVORITE year of school. No joke!
    - Reading IS and has ALWAYS been my favorite pasttime.
    - I have a chihuahua named Milo that I adopted from a shelter in 2009.
    I'm pretty good at sketching.
    - I'm completely open about the fact that I've loved Justin Timberlake since I was 16 years old! 
    - Maine is my favorite place to visit. 
    - I once got a mattress stuck under my car while driving on Rt. 2.
    - I occasionally break out into song, and encourage impromptu "Dance Breaks." 
    - Crowds make me nervous.
    - One day I will meet Ellen Degeneres!
    - I'd like to write a young adult novel one day.
    - Spiders. Still nope.