• Ms .Wood

    The Teacher: I have always wanted to be a teacher and achieved this goal

    after graduating with a BA from Drew University and the a Masters in

    Education from Lesley University. After teaching fifth grade in Andover for

    one year, I then taught second grade in Weston for 9 years. I came to

    Lincoln in 2004 and have been thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic school system.


    The Person: I live in Lincoln with my husband and son. Our family loves

    outdoor activities. In the summer we enjoy biking, hiking, roller blading and

    kayaking. Every weekend in the winter we spend skiing in Maine. Other

    hobbies of mine include gardening, fitness, cooking and reading.


    My philosophy: Children must take pride in their learning in order for their

    experiences to be memorable and their knowledge to be lasting.Assignments should be authentic and engaging. Each year I

    work hard to get to know each of my students as individuals and establish a

    mutual respect and trust. From that point I help them to stretch their

    thinking and learn the rewards of hard work. I believe that a child’s social development is as important as their academic development. In our ever-changing world it seems cultivating good people

    is as important as making good students. I love to have fun in the classroom

    and quickly children learn that I have a sense of humor. When I make

    mistakes I try to model a healthy response so that students are less fearful of

    making mistakes while learning. Past students have described me as strict

    but fair. I hold all of my students to high standard of behavior and academic

    engagement and they learn quickly that I will support them in any way I can

    as long as they are behaving and learning in a way that makes them feel

    proud. I demand respect from them not just toward adults but also toward

    their fellow classmates and I work hard to create an environment where kids

    can take risks without the fear of being judged. By June my hope is that

    every student has learned as much as they could but just as importantly has a better sense of themselves.



Last Modified on August 29, 2016