Homework.....a Fact of Fourth Grade   Policies
    Here's the deal!

    Each Monday students receive a Language Arts homework packet. There

    are several assignments that must be completed and turned back to school

    every Friday. 

    Students should spend a few minutes every Monday night with an adult
    planning out their week. It is a good time to share with kids when
    they have extra curricular activities each week.  Try to determine
    WITH YOUR CHILD which nights are best for homework
    and which nights will require specific planning to complete assignments.
    My goal is for students to become more aware of their own time management. 
    For example, if a student has piano lessons and karate on Tuesdays then
    he or she will need to plan to do more homework on other nights
    of the week because Tuesdays are already so busy.
    In addition to the Language Arts packet, nightly math

    assignments are given that will be due the following day.  Occasionally long

    term projects will be assigned. When necessary, other homework

    assignments will be modified to give children extra time.

    What happens if I forget my homework?

    If students forget a nightly math assignment I have a three strikes policy. The first

    two times a student forgets their math they get a strike. On their third offense

    they strike out and need to spend part of recess on the wall. Their slate then

    goes back to 0. Using this method I find that most students remember their

    homework regularly by the time the holidays are here.

    If a student forgets their Language Arts packet on Friday it must be brought

    in on Monday.  Lost packets or incomplete will need to be completed over the weekend.

    What if the homework is too hard?

    No tears! I have a strong no tears homework policy. If your child is

    frustrated by an assignment or seems confused or unable to complete the

    assignment independently, please return it with a note to me.  There will be

    no consequence and I will re-teach the concept.  Homework should not be a

    source of stress.  Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.
    Grading  Grading
     There are homework rubrics that are used to grade weekly and nightly assignments.  Most assignments will be accompanied by a rubric so that students can self-reflect on their work.


Last Modified on August 29, 2016