Library Policies   Policies
    Library Hours
    The library is open during school hours and until 4:00 on Tuesday and Thursday from September 21st, 2012-June 2nd, 2013.  Parents of 3rd through 8th grade students can register on the Recreation Department Website once, then students come whenever the need or want to after school.
    During the school day we make every effort to allow free access to library services, however scheduled classes are always first priority.
    Library Services
    The library staff provide instruction in information literacy in a variety of formats. Scheduled classes are regularly taught "where to find" with sources that range from our own book catalog to the index in a book to on-line periodicals.  Instruction is given in the context of a project students are working on during fixed schedule classes or in collaboration with another teacher.  Students and their teachers can arrange more individualized and specific instruction as needed.
    Library Staff also advise and assist readers looking for materials. Students through the sixth grade regularly visit the library with their classroom or English teacher.  These Readers Advisory periods often have a theme (poetry, biography, mystery) and give students an opportunity to really explore our collection.  Students have the benefit of a Librarian, who knows the collection and what they have liked to read and a teacher who may know student's better as readers.

    Library Computers
    The 24 library computer stations are used by 3rd,4th and 5th grade classes during library classes.  The computer stations are also used with students by other faculty for full classes and smaller groups. We also circulate 15 laptop computers to classrooms to supplement classroom computers.

    Our goal is to support student's use of computers to facilitate their learning.  We provide informal instruction to students and teachers as needed on topics ranging from saving and sharing files to searching for resources.


    Student Laptop Guidelines                        Library Circulating Laptop Policies





     Circulation Policies
    All K-5 classes are in the library weekly expressly to check books out. 

    Kindergarten and 1st Grade students check one book out at a time during that class time, but those students may also check out additional materials for classroom projects and if they come to the library after school with their parents.  Many students also come in on their own to exchange their book during the week. By the end of the year, 2nd graders are checking out 2 books at a time, earning the privilege by consistently returning books that they have checked out.

    Starting in 3rd grade we do not limit the number of books that students check out, however we do monitor what students have.  Books should be brought back to school weekly to be renewed, since students with overdue books will be unable to check out more books, or laptops.
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