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    Everyday Mathematics Online

    Everyday Mathematics wasdeveloped by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project inorder to enable children in elementary grades to learn more mathematical content and become life-long mathematical thinkers. The new edition (2012) incorporates new and modified content to better align to the Common Core State Standards.  Everyday Math is an interactive math program where students engage in "hands-on" activities.

    Note: You must obtain your child's username and password from your child's teacher before you can log-in to use the games, interactive reference book and family letters.

    Parent Instruction for Student Log-in

    Student Log-In
    Use the student log-in to play the popular games from the Everyday Mathematics Program that help students practice math concepts and skills.  Your child's teacher will assign your child a password.  Use this password to log-in to access the Interactive My Reference Book and Family Letters.  The instructions to access the Reference Book and the Family Letters are below.
    Interactive My Reference Book
    My Reference Book and Student Reference Books bring interactivity to the texts in order to facilitate student learning at school and at home.
    Grades 1 -2
    Grades 3 - 6

    The Interactive Reference Books are an exact duplicate of the student"s textbook, but include these additional features:
    • Click to hear the text read aloud to you.
    • Click to watch an animation of the material.
    • Click to interact with the material. You will use your mouse to click or drag, according to the instructions.
    Family Letters
    Family Letters keep parents updated about the curriculum their childrenare learning in class. Each Family Letter includes importantterminology, key concepts, and a summary of the current Unit teachersare covering in class. Family Letters also provide short, simple, athome activities that parents can complete with their child as reviewfor class. Family Letters are available in nine languages, and for allEveryday Math Units and Grades:Kindergarten through fifth grades.

    Free Family Resources
    Algorithm Animations, Common Core State Standards, Correlations, Literature Lists, and more. 

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