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     Welcome to the Lincoln School Garden Blog!  Please let us know when you use the garden, what you did. Share your observations and any wishes you have for the garden. 
  • Another Busy Week in the Garden

    Posted by Becca Fasciano on 6/4/2013


    It’s been another busy week in the garden. We now have nine raised beds in the garden where we’re going to plant a lot of the seedlings that are currently growing in the library. Mr. Reed and Mrs. Fasciano's classes will start putting the cucumbers and squash in the ground today! We also, thanks to Codman Community Farms, have an additional 8 feet of space for row plants. The first grade will be planting potatoes this week that we will harvest in the fall. We’re also going to plant carrots and pumpkins in that great new space.

    Some thank yous are in order:

    1. To the six LS seniors who came last Wednesday for a Senior Service Day and built and moved the nine raised beds. Ethan, Zeke, Alex, Jon, Patrick and Jeremy were fantastic carpenters and enthusiastic helpers.

    2. To Susan Totten and Steve McKenna, who arranged an indoor space at the last minute for the raised bed building as it was a rainy Wednesday morning for Senior Service Day.

    3. To Andrew Fasciano, Amanda Fasicano and Ben Pelon who have been coming on Thursday afternoons to work in the garden. On one of the hottest days this spring, they came out, after a long day in high school and filled each and every one of those raised bed containers with soil/compost mix from D & D Mulch and Landscaping.

    4. To Michael Haines and Buck Creel, for their consistent support of the garden and the systems that support it.

    5. To all of the teachers and students who have helped our garden by planting seeds during classroom or advisory time. We couldn’t do this work without you.

    We work in the garden nearly every Thursday afternoon, so if you’ve got a few extra minutes or want to see what we’re doing out there, please feel free to stop by.

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  • Sprouts!

    Posted by Jen James on 5/22/2013
    It's been a BUSY week for the school garden.  We've planted seeds with 8th graders, 6th graders, and 3rd graders.  Our seedlings, which are growing on trays in the windows in the library, include:  cucumbers, tomatoes, tarragon, basil and squash.  In a few weeks, these seedlings will be big and strong enough to be planted outside.
    We also have things growing in the garden--peas, strawberries and tomatoes and a wonderful herb circle.  Our helpers in the garden include the fifth grade, the fifth grade girl scouts and the following high school students:  Amanda Fasciano, Andrew Fasciano, Indrani Kharbanda and Ben Pelon.  
    Next week we will be joined by some seniors from the high school, who will be building raised beds to hold a lot of our seedlings!  
    Please stop by and see what's growing in the garden and in the library.  We'd love to see you!
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  • Ready, set, garden!

    Posted by Rebecca Fasciano on 4/21/2013 1:00:00 PM
    We are so excited to report that garlic, lilies, assorted bulbs, and some of our perennials are starting to peek through the dirt.  Thanks to Wade, Ben, Jason, Ellie, and Natalie for their help getting the paths cleared and some of the winter debris removed so we can get ready to plant the rest of the garden.  We are looking forward to planting seeds of all types with ALL of the Lincoln School Students in the next few weeks.  We plan to add peas, carrots and potatoes to the garden this year!
    We also will be starting our weekly afternoons in the garden with a group of high school students who want to help our garden grow.  Right now it looks like it will be Thursdays in the Garden, from 3 to 4 pm.  Students in grades K - 4 are welcome to attend with an adult.  Older students are welcome to show up - as long as they arrive with the contact number for the person who will claim them at 4.  Come once or come weekly to help our garden get a great start this spring.  Check back here for more details on how you can get involved!
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  • Weeding Party Wrap Up

    Posted by Rebecca Fasciano on 10/11/2011 9:00:00 AM

     Saturday, October 1st a large group of kindergartners was joined by 5 8th graders.  Gloves on and digging tools ready they weeding filling the wheelbarrow multiple times for trips to the compost pile.

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