• Welcome to Sra. Hughes' Spanish Class!


    Karen Hughes



    Lincoln School 781.259.9404 ext. 3205

    Hanscom Primary School 781-274-7720


    Karen Hughes



    I am a FLES Spanish Teacher. My name is Karen Maria Sasky Eguiluz Caravaca y Paso de Hughes, or you can call me Karen Hughes! My family is from Argentina and I am a native Spanish speaker.

    Welcome to FLES, Foreign Language in the Elementary School. Through music, art, movement and conversation, your child will explore the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. The goal of language learning is to have our students communicate meaningfully and in real-life situations as soon as possible.

    We are having a great time in class! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.

    Muchas Gracias,

    Karen Hughes

     PS. Interested in finding out what is going on in Spanish and the other Specialist classes during the year? 
     The K-4 Specialists have a blog. Click the link to find out. Specialists' Blog 


Last Modified on November 18, 2018