• Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.
            ---Richard McKenna
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    Leaving Tracks of Your Thinking             paw prints

    Reader's Workshop

                  During the reader's workshop, students are encouraged to be aware of their thinking in order to promote a deeper understanding for that 'Just Right' book. One strategy, used by  students, is to write on sticky notes and place them in their books as they read; it is a way to 'track' their thinking, to self monitor for understanding.

    A  Reader's Workshop Bookmark!!!

     Sticky Notes:

    (A reminder of what YOU can write on them……..)

    During reading, I can write on my sticky notes that:

    • I can make a mental picture.

    • I can identify confusing parts of the 
               text and reread them.

    • I can identify unfamiliar words and use clues                                                                                                        in the text to figure out their meaning.

    • I can remember to stop
              and retell to see what I remember.                                                                                                         If necessary, I reread.

    • I can predict and adjust
               my thinking or confirm my thinking.

    • I can raise questions and
               read to find answers.
    • I can jot down a tough
               word I don’t know.


Last Modified on June 17, 2011