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Lincoln Public Schools

Welcoming Schools

Welcoming Schools focuses on three areas linked to academic learning, school climate and family involvement:
  • Embracing Family Diversity
    The guide outlines school and community-based strategies to welcome students from a variety of families, including families headed by LGBT parents, single parents, foster parents, grandparents, etc.
  • Avoiding Gender Stereotyping
    Students who do not adhere to traditional gender roles are often targeted for harassment — even in early elementary school grades — and stereotypes can constrict children’s academic and social successes. The guide addresses ways in which children are pressured to conform to gender roles and stereotypes, and strategies for change.
  • Ending Bullying & Name-Calling
    Hurtful teasing, name-calling and bullying affect everyone: targets, perpetrators and bystanders. The guide takes a systemic approach to school change, providing tools to engage all members of the school community through parent involvement, faculty education and classroom strategies.

Last Modified on November 11, 2016
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