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Lincoln Public Schools

Welcome to Mrs. Green's Science Lab!

 Our wetland boardwalk is finished and open for a nature walk through that habitat. It is located behind The Lincoln School just beyond the green playground. Have some fun. Take a nature walk.
wetland trail
                         trail entrance   looking for nature    
Thanks to The Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln Community Preservation Committee,
The Lincoln School Foundation and the Lincoln Cultural Council for funding this project.

 Terry Green
Lincoln School
Grades 1-4 Science & Engineering Teacher
Telephone: 781.259.9404 ext. 2113 
 Mrs. Green
Hanscom Primary School
Grades 1-3 Science & Engineering Teacher
Telephone: 781.274.7721
Welcome to the science and engineering lab. Interested in finding out what we are working on in each grade  level? The K-4 Specialists have a blog. Click the link to find out. Specialists' Blog

 Science enrichment is a class students take once a week. The lessons build and extend the science units taught in the classrooms. Students also learn about engineering in the science lab using Lego building blocks, RCX and NXT technology.
Grade 3 NXT Silly-Walking Bots
Way to support your child at home in Science:

  • have simple science materials for your children to explore - magnets, magnifiers, food coloring, cups & bottles
  • find places to have a nature walk in your community
  • visit a museum as a family (many libraries have free/discounted admission cards to check out)
  • have a special science area for play in your house and stock it with inexpensive supplies and journaling materials
  • read about science (your local library has lots of read aloud books to check out)
  • talk about science at meals
  • observe things over time in your neighborhoods (birds, light, trees)
  • check out my other webpages for more ideas
Last Modified on March 1, 2017
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